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    How To: Prepare For The Experienced Practitioner Programme

    Dec 17, 2018 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    Have you signed up for our Prosci Experienced Practitioner 

    Or, are you looking to further progress your change management career?

    If you have previously attended the Prosci Practitioner Certification course and wish to continue deepening your learning and understanding of the Prosci approach while progressing your career, CMC Partnership's Experienced Practitioner Programme is right for you.

    This post aims to advise prospective participants who are attending the Experienced Practitioner Programme on how they should adequately prepare for this 3-day intensive course and the pre-work which is required to complete before attendance. This course is a significant step up in the skills and commitment required for becoming a full time senior level change management practitioner, tackling the most complex of change challenges. The preparation required is significantly more in-depth than for the initial Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner Programme and so, it is vital that prospective participants coming for the course approach and complete their pre-work seriously and appropriately.

    What does the Experienced Practitioner Course preparation consist of?

    The preparation required for this course is substantial in comparison to other courses within the change management certification journey.  As such, we recommend you begin your course preparation at least one month before attending to allow yourself enough time to complete everything that is required.

    This course pre-work is a combination of:

    • reading multiple texts
    • preparing a compare and contrast presentation of two individual or organisational Change Management methodologies or approaches
    • passing an entrance exam largely based upon your use of the Prosci Change Management methodology and Practitioner etoolkit
    • preparing a case study of your change management work on a project that is going or has gone well
    • preparing a 2nd case study on a project where you are stuck with your Change Management strategy and/or it is going badly

    To begin your preparation, download our Timeline of Events to familiarise yourself with the level of work required and a suggested timescale for completion before attending the course. This will help ensure you optimise your learning and get the most out from attending the course.

    Download Your Course Timeline

    Find out more about the Experienced Practitioner Programme

    The three-day workshop is designed for change specialists who are Prosci Practitioners. Participants develop an enhanced perspective of how to drive successful change management in complex projects and programmes within your organisation, including working in Lean, Six Sigma, Agile and other environments. This is supported with insight and case studies from other participants and the instructor. You will also receive expert instruction on the advanced application of change management and learn from experienced peers.

    If you are considering signing up for CMC Partnership's Experienced Practitioner Programme, you can find out more about the course here and register your place, or download the course brochure.

    Download Your Brochure