Industry Case Studies

Take a look through our Industry Case Studies. 

These are real Case Studies from un-named clients based in specific industry sectors. 

Global Manufacturer of Consumer Goods Card

Helping a Global Manufacturer of Consumer Goods Implement Enterprise Change Management

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prosci Europe utilises virtual change management training and a bespoke approach to help a global manufacturer successfully implement change management for 100,000 employees.

water utilties card

Leading Water Utilities Company Builds the Capacity for Absorbing Changes

Prosci Europe worked with one of the largest UK water utilities providers to assess their change management maturity and grow their capacity to absorb fast moving changes through a strategic, role-based training approach. 

Scientific Leader Card

Scientific Leader Develops a Dialogue-Based, Collaborative Introduction of Change

This story of change begins with a single employee looking to upskill themselves, resulting in a long-term collaboration with Prosci Europe. Resulting in organisation-wide adoption of change management. 


Insurer case study card image

One of the World's Largest Insurers Embeds Change Management as Part of Their Culture

Prosci Europe supported one of the largest insurers in the world to develop a plan for ‘maturity in change management’ to become a core part of its culture globally, from Sydney to Miami.

South African retailer card

Helping a Major South African Retailer Adopt a Key Dimension of Large Transformation

As we reflect on this experience, it is clear that change management cannot simply be a box-ticking exercise. The implementation of any change that requires people to change the way they work, no matter how small the technical change may appear to be on the surface, is first governed by the prevailing culture in the organisation.

Public Sector card

Enabling a UK Public Sector Organisation Respond Better to a Variety of Challenges

Not only is the organisation now approaching change as an
opportunity rather than a challenge, a member of the team is reinforcing the learnings by delivering high-quality virtual ADKAR awareness-raising sessions throughout the organisation. 

Social Services card

Improving People-Related Benefits by Introducing Good Change Management Practices

Prosci Europe worked with the governing body and 29 agencies from the social services sector of a large city-state in Southeast Asia, to improve people-related benefits within their organisations by introducing good change management practices.


governement client singapore card

Improving Organisational Change Management Maturity in Government Clients

After identifying the unique needs of each organisation, Prosci Europe delivered up to four change management programmes per year for the top corporate organisations and government statutory boards in Singapore.


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