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How to Ensure Your Change is Well-Defined

There are specific requirements that must be met for a change to be defined in a way that will allow change management to be successful.  How can you assess whether the change you are working on is defined adequately? 

By Steve Ragg

ECM Hack

Where Do You Start With Enterprise Change Management?

Building competencies in change management forces an organisation to evolve how it handles change. So where do you start? 

By Catherine Green

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When Preparing a Change Message for Your Team

Given that Agile has so much to recommend itself, why do organisations struggle to unlock the full potential of this approach?

By Emma de-la-Haye

communication spotlight

How to Get 'Unstuck' When Preparing a Change Message for Your Team

People managers communicate with their teams every day.  So why do many of us find it challenging to decide what to say in a change message?

By Belinda Cuthbert

communicating change hack

The Importance of Communicating Why We Are Changing

There are so many changes underway in our organisations these days, that it's entirely understandable that employees are feeling saturated by the impact. So how do we reduce resistance to change?

by Ceri Williams


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