Change Management Solutions

Whether you're leading or implementing changes in your shifting organisational environment, Prosci has a solution to fit your needs.


Solutions for Individuals

When you’re in charge of a crucial project, responsible for implementing change in your department or organisation, or seeking advancement in your career as a change practitioner, you need Solutions for Individuals.

Based on our renowned ADKAR Model, our popular, experiential change management training, along with tools, methodologies and resources, give you the knowledge and skills you need to successfully drive urgent and long-term change.

Individual solutions include:

  • Change management certification, available in engaging, interactive virtual and in-person formats

  • Proven change management methods and tools

  • Tailored coaching, advising and career development

  • Advanced change management certifications

  • Everything you need to apply change management to your projects and initiatives

Solutions for Organisations

When your organisation needs to quickly adopt new processes or technologies in a change-saturated environment, deliver meaningful results on critical projects, or pivot to a new business model, you need Solutions for Organisations.

Enterprise Training, Advisory, Licensing and eLearning solutions help employees embrace organisational change, driving greater success on your must-win projects. They also help you build enterprise change capability and reduce costs over the long term.

Organisational solutions include: 

  • Virtual and in-person Enterprise Training with customised materials

  • Advisory Services, also available remotely 

  • Numerous Licensing options

  • Flexible, always accessible eLearning modules

  • Everything you need to build change capability in your organisation 

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