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    Need to Refresh your Change Management Knowledge? 3 Reasons Why

    Jul 13, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    As in many disciplines, change management best practices develop over time; new research alters the outlook on how best to maximise business performance from organisational change. This is why it is crucial for change management practitioners, regardless of how experienced they are, to refamiliarise themselves with core principles, methodologies and tools that can help them succeed. 

    As experienced change management practitioners at CMC, we are strong advocators of Change Management Refresher courses and workshops which reaffirm change knowledge and increase ability to effectively utilise change management tools and methodologies. In our case, this is the Prosci methodology and the Prosci ADKAR model. A workshop like this, with its combination of method/tool revision and practical problem solving through discussion, is especially useful for those who have been in their change management role for a period, as it acts as a way to refresh and grow your knowledge utilising the most current change management best practices.

    Here are the 3 core reasons for you to consider participation in the CMC change management practitioner refresher 1-day workshop: 

    Reason #1: Reconnect with change fundamentals

    We recognise that being a certified change management practitioner can be complex because change is a process. Therefore managing that change can be challenging. All the different projects that a change management practitioner will have undergone can end up altering the way that they think and conduct their day-to-day role. This can sometimes mean that best practice is not always followed and their initial strategies and plans to help build their organisation’s change management competencies may have been put on the back burner since they became certified. 

    Even the most experienced change management practitioners should take the time to take a step back and reconnect with the core fundamentals of change that they were originally taught when they were first certified in order to help them become more effective within their role. 

    Reason #2: Assess change strengths and weaknesses

    A Refresher workshop gives change management practitioners the time to assess what they have been doing successfully in their role and current project and identify, discus and resolve areas of challenge. Prior to taking our Refresher workshop, we ask you to submit some pre-work which will make you think about your current change management challenges. This will help us tailor the workshop to your challenges and collaboratively build solutions with you in the workshop to address them. 

    Taking the time to assess your strengths and weaknesses will drive improved change results, reveal unforeseen areas that need to be improved upon and become more confident using the Prosci methodology and tools that you have learned previously. It is important to remember that not every tool is going to work for your projects so it is crucial that you can identify which tools are going to benefit you and then be able to customise the tools depending on the change at hand. Our Refresher course will remind you how to select the most appropriate tools for your change.  

    Reason #3: Ensure change projects are achieving their goals

    Have some of your projects not been reaching the desired outcomes? Are you struggling to understand why? This is where our Refresher course comes in. As you will have already learned during your Prosci certification training, applying change management to your projects significantly increases the likelihood of reaching their objectives. This is why it is so important that you understand the fundamentals of change management. If change management is applied across every project then you will be able to continue to grow in your market, increase your competitive edge and improve business performance. 

    Maybe there is an aspect within the Prosci change management methodology that you didn’t fully understand during your training, or maybe you are struggling to customise the tools to your specific change? By refreshing your change management knowledge, you will be reminded of the methodology and latest version of Prosci tools that will deliver sustainable project results.

    If you are already a certified Prosci change management practitioner and any of these reasons resonate with you, then maybe you should consider taking part in this refresher course to improve your effectiveness. This one-day intensive and interactive programme provides Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioners with the opportunity to reconnect with the fundamentals of successful change and change management.

    This course is initially being launched as a public, open enrolment program for Prosci certified change management practitioners in Singapore. View upcoming course dates, learning outcomes, course materials etc below. 



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