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    Evolution of Change Management

    Jul 5, 2019 | Posted by Michael Campbell


    The past quarter of a century has seen change management emerge, evolve and grow from foundational understandings of the psychological change process an individual goes through, to the application in an organisational design context and to now its emergence as a fully fledged discipline. Prosci’s research and experience suggest that in the coming years, the focus will shift toward advancement along three fronts.

    With permanent job roles dedicated to change management on the rise due to the growth in popularity surrounding the discipline, you can learn how the discipline of change management is evolving and what the job market looks like now and for the future. Our interactive webinar 'Change Management Job Trends' reveals the latest trends in the change management job market, including data on jobs by region and industry, prevalence of emerging career paths, and roles and responsibilities. We'll also provide you with a brief introduction to Prosci’s newest offerings as options to help you access these emerging roles.

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    Change Management Today

    Fast forward to today, organisations are now choosing to participate in a mix of iterative and sequential change. With the desire for both large and often digital transformations and reduced time to market, we see organisations trying to change-enable their whole organisation rapidly. 

    Employees today - particularly Millennials - are more open than ever to embrace change, and want to work for organisations that are progressive, with tools and techniques to enable them to work smarter and more efficiently. This appetite for change, however, is often decreased due to a lack of effectively managed change within an organisation.  Change management practitioners play a crucial role in the success of an organisation's transition through both individual changes and the journey to higher levels of organisational change enablement. 

    Future of Change Management 

    What should we expect to see next? The past decade has seen an explosion in the awareness, understanding, application and codification of the discipline of change management. Prosci’s research and experience indicates that the maturation will continue on a number of fronts, are set to experience further growth in change management, and sitting at a pivotal point in the journey. 

    • Front 1: Continued Incorporation and Collaboration with Related Disciplines 
    • Front 2: Increased Focus on Building Organisational Change Capability
    • Front 3: Individual Professional Development of Change Professionals

    Develop an enhanced perspective of how to drive change management with us

    Our 3-day Prosci Experienced Practitioner Programme provides an opportunity for experienced Prosci change management practitioners to collaborate with and learn from other seasoned change practitioners as you analyse case studies, assess complex change scenarios and topics (agile, CPI, lean six sigma etc) following an exploration of foundational change management literature. Get in touch with us today.