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    The Dos and Don'ts of Change Management Deployment

    May 31, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    From the respondent to the Prosci® 2016 Best Practices research report, less than half (47%) were actively trying to embed and deploy change management across their organistion. Additionally but unsurprisingly, the organisations that were diligently assimilating change management into their organisational DNA were able to deliver measurably greater success from their projects.

    66% of those actively embedding change management through the majority of their projects rated their organisations to be more advanced in change management maturity compared with 34% of those not deploying change management. The performance difference between organisations that are mature in change management and those that are not is significant. Organisations that have Maturity levels that are 3 and above achieved success for 52% to 65% of their projects. For comparison purposes, a company at level 1 only obtain results for 37% of their projects. This can mean "life and death" for the organisation.

    Prosci Change Management Maturity Model  Actively working to deploy Not Actively Working to Deploy
    Level 5 4% 0%
    Level 4 19% 5%
    Level 3 43% 29%
    Level 2 31% 52%
    Level 1 3% 14%

    Credits: Prosci® 2016 Best Practices in Change Management

    So what set change ready organisations apart from those that are bound to fail?

    From a deployment perspective, here is our "Scores versus Mistakes in Change Management" an infographic outlining the right actions that change ready organisations commit to and the mistakes that failing companies are making. 




    These infographics are only a simple "tip of the iceburg" illustration to let our readers know what some of the best and exemplary change ready organisations practise in their day-to-day operations. We believe the mistakes mentioned above are what truly serve as a mirror  for our readers, highlighting the deficiencies of the organisation.

    From our direct experience over the past 25 years, we, at CMC know effective change management deployment across projects, programmes at both in a small division, or across a large enterprise can be difficult. We have helped numerous organisations design and execute their change initiatives, developing sustainable change management capabilities and enabling successful adoption and usage of new capabilities.

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