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    Top 4 Tips for Developing Enterprise Level Change Capabilities

    Oct 26, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    enterprise change management The people side of change, internalising organisational change management capabilities into the DNA of all employees demands investment, goal setting and planning. Introducing change management as a project, takes great change management. Many organisations now anticipate change and have developed an understanding of the need to manage change efficiently, but often lack the resolve needed to support the maturation of this organisational focus.
    Growing enterprise agility and responsiveness to increase competitiveness through enterprise change management is a multi-year journey, requiring a complete transformation in why and how the entire organisation thinks, reacts to and optimises change.

    From our experiences of working with organisations in their efforts to deploy and grow enterprise-level change capabilities we have created a list of the top 4 tips to increase the likelihood of organisational change success.

    1. The adoption of a proven change management methodology

    Change is an inconsistent force. To internalise change management capabilities in an entire workforce requires a structured and intentional plan. Adopting a disciplined and proven approach to change deployment helps significantly. 

    So why not build your own? Well that is expensive and why reinvent the wheel? More and more organisations are choosing to customise and adapt an existing single methodology to their culture and working practices enabling them to rapidly develop enterprise wide chnage management competency.

    A singular approach to change management ensures that there is minimal confusion and simplifies the overall coordination and monitoring of change progress, ultimately benefiting change leaders. Combining and customising Prosci 's ADKAR and 3-phase Organisational processes in a Enterprise Change Management (ECM) deployment approach, reinforced with investment in a flexible Prosci Site Licence is a great recipe for change competency acceleration. 

    2) Capture sponsorship for change

    In nine benchmarking studies carried out by Prosci, change leaders identified effective sponsorship as a major contributor to success.
    Organisational leaders are empowered with the ability to set the time of how change is managed, promoted and perceived throughout the organisation. Leaders are best placed to explain the overall vision and direction and agree measures of success for change management capability development. Only with excellent leadershipand sponsorship can enterprise change management be successfully integrated  into an organisation’s operations and culture.

    Great sponsors and leaders of change are more usually made than born. It is critical that organisations support leaders and sponsors with the materials, plans and activities needed to encourage and drive enterprise change capabilities. By providing these sponsors with visible support you can enable them to develop a clear understanding of their own role, skills and capabilities in facilitating change competency development throughout the organisation. You can help them lead from the front.

    3) Integrate change management with project management

    When project management and change management are integrated, the efforts of both can be focused toward a singular objective—improving the performance of the organisation by successfully implementing multiple changes that consistently deliver the intended business results and ROI.

    If the deployment of an effective enterprise change management strategy to internalise change management in the mindset of all of your organisation's employees is your responsibility then it is time to consider participation in the one-day CMC Prosci Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp.

    4) Utilising a holistic approach

    Organisations dedicated to the complete deployment of enterprise change management capabilities recognise that to do so goes beyond simply providing employee training. Instead, it is understood that it requires a community dedicated to establishing the skills, structures and processes needed. Successful change management requires a consistent focus across each of these areas in equal measures, allowing for associated action plans to be developed and deployed. By considering a holistic approach to change management, organisations can be assured that the deployed approaches to change management will be both sustainable and effective.

    By considering the above four points, the adoption of enterprise change management is more likely to be successful.

    If you are looking to further your Change Management capabilities, learn more about our Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp with our workshop brochure, or register for the workshop here. 


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