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    Become a Hero of Change Management!

    Jul 4, 2017 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    Heroes of Change Management-1.pngIn Change Management: Everyone is a hero!

    Increasing market pressure, shifting consumer demands and unstable politics are evoking jitters in business leaders, urging them to think harder to come up with strategies that build stronger behavioural and organisational adaptability.

    The recent advances in technology have disrupted the ways we do businesses today. In the near term, the disruption is only going to become more rapid and extensive. The invisible hand of technology has ubiquitous reach and so the organisational ability to make changes happen and stick must become a core competency for any company that strives to be "world-class" or "top of the line". This perspective is shared by high-level executives worldwide, including Google's CIO, Ben Fried, as well as those in Nike, Apple and Netflix. In fact, there is a growing belief that Organisational Change Management should be the only core competency because change is the only constant.

    Building change competencies across all roles to strengthen organisational attributes 

    Embedding change competency across all levels within an organisation is no mean feat and involves clever management by a specialist change team in many of these areas:

    1. Perceived need for change amongst managers and employees

    2. Change capacity

    3. Organization culture and responsiveness to change

    4. Executives/senior management change competency

    5. Middle management change competency

    6. Employee change competency

    The crux of organisational success lies in the emergent sum of successful changes that its people deliver to adapt to evolving market demands. Can you outchange your competitors?


    What do your Specialist Change Heroes look like?

    Deployment Leader Profile.png

    CM Trainer.png

    Change Lead.png

    These profiles are fictitious but may serve as a guide for aspiring Change enthusiasts and Change evangelists to work towards to! 

    How to get started in Change Management

    If you're passionate about driving the people side of change to make things happen intentionally and intelligently, then you are destined to become a hero of change. To become a hero within the Specialist Change Team, start off by attending our Prosci® Change Management Certification Workshop to become a Change Practitioner. We have spaces available on the August, September and October courses in Singapore or maybe you'd prefer to qualify in Jakarta in September or Bali in January?

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    Discover how you can develop mastery of Change Management Skills and join the ranks of the heroes mentioned above by reading our blog post on:

    How to find your path to Change Management Certification Mastery




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