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    What is ECM & why should you be developing it in your organisation?

    Feb 20, 2024 | Posted by Catherine Green

    Organisations across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of change management. Many view change management as something to consider on a project to project basis. On the other hand, there are also a number of organisations that are realising the benefit of deploying enterprise change management, and as a result, are seeing benefits that are giving them an advantage over their competitors. So why is this?

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    Prosci’s Definition of ECM

    Let’s first take a step back. How do you know when an organisation is effectively practicing change management at an enterprise level?

    Prosci lists three pieces of criteria:

    1. There is a common set of processes and tools

    2. High level of leadership competency at all levels

    3. The organisation is flexible, ready and responsive to change

    By ticking off criteria one and two, three will naturally follow. So why implement Enterprise Change Management (ECM)?

    Consistent approach

    According to Prosci’s Best Practices research, of those who met or exceeded their project objectives, 93% reported excellent change management. Therefore, it’s evident that change management is beneficial to every initiative. And organisations are one-by-one starting to realise this.


    A lack of a one true change management approach within an organisation can often lead to senior leaders becoming frustrated and disengaged, which can often lead to change being managed poorly, resulting in deliverables not being achieved to the level desired.

    Whereas, a single, consistent approach will mean everyone is on the same page, and allow the organisation to be able to act swiftly in a world where constant change is happening. It really does pay to have a consistent methodology.

    By having one change management approach throughout the organisation, you’ll be able to multiply benefits across all projects. Prosci is a scalable change management methodology that can be used at project, programme and enterprise level.


    In summary, having a consistent change management framework in your organisation will enable an agile and quick response to change when it’s required. It’s not an easy journey, and it should be noted that achieving ECM is, in itself, a project.

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