What Is Change Management?

Why Change Management?

Now more than ever, change is coming at us at an accelerated pace, however change doesn’t have to be a complicated and long process. With new initiatives and projects aimed at increasing profits, enhancing competitive advantage and improving performance, adjusting your organisation accordingly may increase the likelihood of success, however, it can create an uneasy atmosphere amongst employees.

By taking the correct steps in managing change effectively and ensuring your employees better understand the changes taking place, you can reduce resistance, creating a workplace that is more open and willing to change. A common denominator for achieving successful change initiatives, is the people side of change. When organisational change occurs, employees are often affected at a deeper level, this changes how individuals work: their job roles, processes, structures and often creates a sense of insecurity. In this case, change management can help ease tension and create a smooth process.

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But what is Change Management?

Change management, as defined by Prosci, is a structured approach to prepare, equip, and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organisational success and change.

While we understand that every change, organisation and individual is unique, decades of research have shown that there are actions we can take to influence the impacted people through their individual transitions. With change management, you can guide and support the individuals in your organisation to move from their own current states to their future states.

Best Practices in Change Management

Over the last 20 years Prosci has been producing industry-leading research, uncovering lessons learned from change management practitioners and consultants, and revealing emerging trends in the field. Their Best Practices in Change Management report represents the world's largest body of knowledge on managing the people side of change. 

In the most recent edition Prosci highlight seven change management best practices uncovered through insights revealed in participants’ responses: 

  1. Mobilise an active and visible executive sponsor
  2. Dedicate change management resources
  3. Apply a structured change management approach
  4. Engage with employees and encourage their participation
  5. Communicate frequently and openly
  6. Integrate and engage with project management
  7. Engage with middle managers

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The change landscape is full of initiatives that are on time, on budget, and meet technical requirements but do not deliver expected results and outcomes. The gap between requirements and results? Ensuring that employees effectively adopt and use the change being introduced. This is the reality of change and the reason for change management.


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